Techsub.IT works within The Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) Industury to provide hardware support for server, storage and network equipment. What makes the third-party maintenance attractive, is that once a customer’s equipment reaches the end-of-life date, Techsub.IT can provide maintenance at a much lower cost than the OEM offers.

With our range of flexible Third Party Maintenance services we ensure you have the right capabilities in place to support your business. Customers can consolidate all thier maintenance contracts with one service provider. There is an impressive amount of reasons for businesses to consider this option:

  • Increased budget and better timing for your next hardware refresh
  • Extensive availability of contract length
  • Greater flexibility in coverage options
  • Various SLA and Support Services
  • Supported OEM’S

    Cisco, Dell, IBM, NetApp, APC, EMC2, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, D-Link, 3Com, LG, Microsoft, Sony, Sun Microsystem, Super Micro, Symantec and Toshiba.

    Type of Contracts Support

  • Breakfix Full Support Maintenance
  • Labour Only Support Maintenance
  • Parts only Support Maintenance
  • Labour and Storage support Maintenance
  • Technicail Remote Support Maintenance
  • SLA – Service-Level Agreement
    SLA CodeDescription
    NDMF817 Next Business Day response, Monday-Friday, (08:00-17:00)
    ND2MF8172nd Business Day Response, Monday-Friday, (08:00-17:00)
    ND3MF817 3rd Business Day Response, Monday-Friday, (08:00-17:00)
    SD2MF817Same Day 2 hour response, Monday-Friday, (08:00-17:00)
    SD2MF024 Same Day 2 hour response, Monday-Friday, (00:00-24:00)
    SD4MF024Same Day 4 hour response, Monday-Friday, (00:00-24:00)
    SD8MF024Same Day 8 hour response, Monday-Friday, (00:00-24:00)
    Pro-Active Maintenance Support

    Along with Third Party Hardware Maintenance, we also offer our clients the Tier One Pro-Active Storage Maintenance Support. Our Tier One Pro-Active storage support model replicates that of the OEM. Our support provides proactive remote monitoring 24×7 and dial home access to provide a fix to escalations. This ensures both best practice and improved uptime which helps our customers stay live and productive if a fault is diagnosed. “As we monitor and support these systems, just like the OEM’s do, your customers know they are getting the same level (often better and more responsive) than the service they once received from the OEM” The only difference between us and the OEM is the ability for us to give firmware upgrades, which no third party can supply, unless the customer has access to the code themselves. Techsub.IT solution is a perfect fit for customers who have a stable environment that would like to sweat the assets a little longer, but don’t want to pay excessive OEM support costs as the equipment gets older.
    Supported OEM’s for Pro-Active Support:

    EMC CX, AX, VNX, VNXe EDL, CDL Avamar, RecoverPoint DMX, Symmetrix, VMAX, Centera, Isilon, Data Domain, NetApp Brocade HDS
    Techsub.IT provides a third-party maintenance service that includes all the above benefits and more.

    If you have any requirement and would like Techsub.IT support, please don’t hesistate to connect to us via email, linkedin or phone.

    With strategically located stocking locations globally, we can offer a totally transparent parts service within close proximity to your mission critical infrastructure, We take on all the headaches so you don’t have to!