We understand that in some cases installations can cause major disruptions for businesses, as such our experienced project managers will manage the entire project for you, ensuring that resources are continually maximised whilst keeping production downtime to a minimum.

Having a new IT system installed may seem like a large mountain to overcome, but with the right support and advice, this need not be a headache! We at Techsub.IT can fully manage the installation, allowing you to concentrate on your day to day business operations. Working efficiently, our team will help you through the entire process, to allow you to use your new equipment as soon as possible.

Brazil, South Africa, Amsterdam and more, we take pride in providing fantastic service and all our projects are checked by secondary senior technical and qualified IT business staff members to ensure all solutions are, not only technically excellent, but fit for purpose to achieve your desired outcomes.

Techsub.IT have routinely helped organisations with large geographical footprints achieve streamlined and efficient upgrade strategies. Our site installation services can ensure you have all the expertise you require to setup in new locales as seamlessly as possible.