Techsub.IT manages the support environment of 150+ service providers in over 50 countries around the world. We help our customers maintain a 24/7 high-quality, responsive support desk that provides quick resolution to your customer’s problems, all while maintaining your brand identity.


1. Receive

Calls to your tech support number are forwarded seamlessly to our UK Based Office. (We’ll give you a dedicated phone number if you don’t already have one.)

2. Answer

Our techs answer the call using your company name. If you’ve opted for an IVR, customised support options will be presented to the caller.

3. Resolve

We analyse the technical issue reported, find the solution, and ensure a swift resolution, until the end user is completely happy with the service.

Many of our customers, utilise our White Label Service to supplement their own technical team through holidays sickness or even busy periods on your helpdesk. Either way Techsub.IT have ways we can help.